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70", 65" and 60" sizes.   15 second ads or purchase multiples for more air time.  6  x 15-second spots rotate on a continuous loop.   Several high traffic locations to choose from.  Each 15-second spot  may be filled with 3 x 5-second images or a movie file.  VIDEO ONLY.   No audio.   As the artwork is digital, clients can update their artwork at any time.   A minimal charge applies. 


Brochure racks are centrally located in the high traffic baggage claim area.   Visitors and passengers can check out the information when waiting for luggage.  Tri-fold and magazine- size  racks are available at low budget rates.   A perfect location for "take away" information such as real estate, restaurants, attractions and more.


Show the real product at the airport!   We have a limited number of three-dimensional floor exhibit locations just perfect for your business. All floor exhibits are customized and must be approved by the airport to include pedestrian and other safety concerns.   Tires must be placed on pads to protect the airport floors.  Batteries must be disconnected.


Products show well in kiosk and vitrine displays.   The display area can be designed to  include graphics and product.   Brochure or business card  holders may also be attached to the kiosks so potential clients can learn more about your business. Two shelves.   Dimensions available. Custom displays must be approved by the airport before installation.

FREE STANDING BANNERS double or single sided

Free standing banners (standee banners) are available in several sizes and priced according to size, location and number of banners used.